Monday, December 1, 2008

Henna Powder for Hair & Tatoos

Lass Henna is 100% Natural, premium quality & pure Henna Powder suitable for hair & skin tattoos. Henna prevents premature graying of hair & is used for hair nourishment, making the hair shiny & smooth. Henna plates & protects the hair shaft while acting as a cooling agent for head. Natural Henna Powder contains natural ingredients, which are vital for hair conditioning. Heena when applied to the skin or hair it gives a dark, deep staining color that wears out over time. It is Safe & natural for body paint or tattoo. Excellent hair conditioner & natural. No chemical or conditioner in the world can match the conditioning properties of Henna.
Key Ingredients Lawsonia:: Henna is a tall shrub or small tree, 2รข€“6 m high. It is glabrous,multibranched with spine tipped branchlets. Henna, Lawsonia, produces a red-orange dye molecule, lawsone. This molecule has an affinity for bonding with protein, & thus has been used to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather, silk & wool.

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