Monday, May 1, 2017

Get Shiny, Healthy Hair with Homemade Yogurt Packs

When you are constantly chasing deadlines, keeping your hair thick and healthy becomes challenging. You need a proper hair care routine and a lot of effort in order to grow your hair long and to keep them healthy. Chemical-based hair packs appear to be the most convenient solution, but the reality is that they do more harm to your hair and scalp than any good. What to do then? Application of yogurt is one of the easily available, safe and inexpensive natural remedy, which promotes hair growth, removes dandruff, moisturizes your hair, control hair fall, and balances the pH levels of your scalp too. Here are some quick and easy to make yogurt packs, which you can include in your hair care routine to have naturally shiny and healthy locks:

1.     Plain / Sour Curd Hair Pack: Take a mixture of plain/ sour curd and massage it on your scalp for 3-4 minutes and spread it along the length of your hair. Rinse using lukewarm water after an hour. This process will remove all the dandruff from your head and will also reduce hair fall.

2.   Yogurt with Black Pepper: Apply the mixture of black pepper and yogurt all over your scalp and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your hair with lukewarm water. This pack will make your hair and scalp dandruff-free, will strengthen your hair roots and will also keep hair from falling abnormally.

3.   Yogurt with Amla powder: Make a mixture of amla powder and curd, apply it to your scalp and wash your hair with a mild shampoo after half an hour. This pack is the most effective way to treat various scalp issues and decrease hair fall. You should also use Neem Wood Comb to detangle your hair after the hair wash as it improves your health scalp.

Growing your hair long is not easy. However, using yogurt packs can help you keep your hair healthy and grow them fast. Just embrace the goodness of yogurt and say bye to hair fall and other hair related problems.

Reaching Out to Bearded Men: Get it Right in 2017

All hail down to the beard man. For men beard is what hair is to woman. These days beard has become the most popular trend for men and there is a style of beard for every man.  For men beard plays the role of style indicator and adds a lot to your masculinity. With beard gaining so much popularity in red carpet events, photo shoots, movies and everywhere else, men are leaving no change to impress ladies with their modern beard look. Here is a list of latest beard trends which are going to be huge in 2017 and will make you look no less than a top model that is hot and charming.
1.     Stubble Beard: Stubble beard was a huge trend in 2016 and will manage to be huge in 2017 too. This beard style gives your personality a very rough and tough look keeping your look formal. So, this beard also goes well with your professional attires and helps to make an impression.

2.     The Fuller, Longer Beard: Not anyone can approach this style but if done rightly this type of beard can make you stand out. Going to be a huge trend in 2017, growing this kind of beard is a slow process so you have to be really patient. With increase in number of balms, moustache waxes, beard oils etc. keeping this kind of beard well groomed and in shape has become easier.

3.     The Bushy Beard: The bushy beard is a perfect option for you if you want to add texture and enhance your face shape. This kind of beard will be a huge trend in 2017 as it will exaggerate your jawline and can make you look a lot mature. To rock the bushy beard trend it is essential to pair it with a great haircut that is styled appropriately. You can use Seal the Natural Goodness conditioner to keep your hair healthy and growing.

4.     Balbo beard: If you remember Robert Downey’s look in Avengers and Iron man then you know why this beard style is a huge hit and will manage to be in trends in 2017. This beard look is very easy to maintain and gives your face a clean and impressive look.

5.     Circle Beard: Also known as the standard beard, this beard will remain in trend because it is easy to keep in shape in maintain. This type of beard is perfect for those men who want to keep a beard and look presentable. 

Adopt these trends to look modern and charming in 2017. Besides grooming your beard, you need to take proper care of your skin too because if your skin is healthy and gorgeous then you will easily be able to grow good beard.

Unexpected Hair Loss? Ways You Don’t Realize You Are Damaging Your Hair

Losing hair can be a heartbreaking thing for anyone. It is very upsetting to see your thick or long hair locks getting damaged with each passing day and your hair texture getting half to what it used to be. Are you blaming weather, pollution or even water for your hair loss because you are someone who follows the hair care routine daily? But do you know that there are many things we do every day which can cause severe hair loss or damage? If you do not want to blame yourself for damaging your hair, know the following things which are causing damage to your hair and swear to not to repeat them.

1.      Touching your hair frequently: You love your hair so you just cannot take your hands off them, right? But do you know you are damaging your hair by doing so because out fingers get in touch with a lot of things daily and get dirty. Touching your hair frequently will not only lead to hair breakage but will also make your hair too oily. Losing hair? Use Strong & Nourished Hair Oil which promotes hair growth.
2.     Sleeping with wet hair: Your delicate and wet hair strands can break if you are tossing and turning against pillow while sleeping. Either air dry your hair before going to sleep or wash them in the morning.

3.     Tying wet hair: Tying your wet hair is equal to murdering them. Pulling your hair tight might break your hair easily as our hair is prone to damage when they are wet. Allow your hair to air dry, use Neem Wood Comb to detangle the locks and then tie it in a ponytail or a loose knot.

4.     Towel drying your hair after the hair wash: Drying your hair thoroughly after the shower is a completely wrong practice as rubbing your hair aggressively with a towel will lead to extreme hair damage and hair fall. You can use a cotton towel or a soft tee shirt to gently dry your hair.

5.      Using oil-based makeup: If you use too much oil- based makeup like foundations and concealers then do not let your makeup get into your hair. The makeup might spread to your roots and damage your hair. Either keep your hair way from the hair roots or use powder-based makeup products.

Do not only spend time and money on expensive hair products or hair care therapies but also make sure that you do not commit the above blunders which might harm your beautiful hair even if you are taking proper care of them.