Monday, May 1, 2017

Unexpected Hair Loss? Ways You Don’t Realize You Are Damaging Your Hair

Losing hair can be a heartbreaking thing for anyone. It is very upsetting to see your thick or long hair locks getting damaged with each passing day and your hair texture getting half to what it used to be. Are you blaming weather, pollution or even water for your hair loss because you are someone who follows the hair care routine daily? But do you know that there are many things we do every day which can cause severe hair loss or damage? If you do not want to blame yourself for damaging your hair, know the following things which are causing damage to your hair and swear to not to repeat them.

1.      Touching your hair frequently: You love your hair so you just cannot take your hands off them, right? But do you know you are damaging your hair by doing so because out fingers get in touch with a lot of things daily and get dirty. Touching your hair frequently will not only lead to hair breakage but will also make your hair too oily. Losing hair? Use Strong & Nourished Hair Oil which promotes hair growth.
2.     Sleeping with wet hair: Your delicate and wet hair strands can break if you are tossing and turning against pillow while sleeping. Either air dry your hair before going to sleep or wash them in the morning.

3.     Tying wet hair: Tying your wet hair is equal to murdering them. Pulling your hair tight might break your hair easily as our hair is prone to damage when they are wet. Allow your hair to air dry, use Neem Wood Comb to detangle the locks and then tie it in a ponytail or a loose knot.

4.     Towel drying your hair after the hair wash: Drying your hair thoroughly after the shower is a completely wrong practice as rubbing your hair aggressively with a towel will lead to extreme hair damage and hair fall. You can use a cotton towel or a soft tee shirt to gently dry your hair.

5.      Using oil-based makeup: If you use too much oil- based makeup like foundations and concealers then do not let your makeup get into your hair. The makeup might spread to your roots and damage your hair. Either keep your hair way from the hair roots or use powder-based makeup products.

Do not only spend time and money on expensive hair products or hair care therapies but also make sure that you do not commit the above blunders which might harm your beautiful hair even if you are taking proper care of them. 

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