Friday, February 17, 2017

Label Check: Red Flag Ingredients in Shampoo and Conditioner You Should Avoid

Is your idea about a perfect shampoo and conditioner is the one which smells good, makes your hair shiny and soft, and gives you a refreshing feel when you step out of the bathroom. Although, you may have chosen this combo after experimenting with a lot of shampoos and conditioners, but have you ever read its ingredients list too? If not, then read on the list and know about the toxic ingredients you should avoid in your shampoo and conditioner:

Sulfates: Also known as sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl, ammonium laureth sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate, the sulfate gives the foamy lather to your shampoo. But do you know that sulfate strips your hair of its natural oils, which makes it look very dry. Sulfates also cause irritation to skin.
Parabens: Parabens are basically added to shampoos to act as a preservative to keep bacteria and other microbes from conquering the contents of your bottle. But Parabens should be avoided in your personal care products like shampoo and conditioner. Parabens are xenoestrogens, that is, they have the same composition to hormones, which are found in our body and may disturb your body hormones and cause cancer. Do you want a shampoo which is free from all chemicals? Buy Safe Ayurvedic Hair Loss Therapy shampoo.

Triclosan: This toxic chemical should be avoided at any costs as it has the ability to accumulate in our fat cells and may keep out body in the state of toxicity. This also causes irritation to eyes and skin, and is also harmful for lungs.
Polysorbates: This chemical is usually found in conditioners and is used to dissolve fragrance. This chemical is so harmful that it disturbs the skin’s natural pH balance and also damages the natural protective barrier of your skin and scalp.
Shampoos and conditioners are those common necessary products for which you may not prefer to spend time in examining the ingredients list on the bottle. But it is time to change the habit and buy those hair care products, which are either completely chemical-free or consist of minimum amount of chemicals. You can buy chemical free shampoos and conditioners at IHT9.

Girl You Deserve a Tiara if These Habits Are a Part of your Hair Care Routine!

Shiny, long and healthy hair are something most women long for but find very tough to get. But would you believe that getting such beautiful tresses naturally is not a hard job if you follow your hair care routine every day. Hair damage, hair loss, dry hair or any other hair problem can be resolved with a good hair care regimen. Make the following hair care habits a fixed part of your daily schedule and you will no longer have to feel envy of anyone’s long and shiny curls:
Get regular haircuts: If you think that avoiding the salon for a year or so will increase the volume or growth of your hair, then you are going completely wrong. If the ends of your hair are dying and splitting then you are not getting the length. If you get a trim every six months or 8 weeks then your hair face minimum split ends or any other damage.
Go natural with your hair: During the weekend, give your hair a break from everything they suffer during the week and let them recover. Let your hair air dry, do not use heat styling products and keep it loose to avoid any tightening or pulling of hair. You can also apply Strong & Nourished Hair Oil before washing your hair.
Be smart about using hot tools on your hair: Avoid blow drying, curling or straightening your hair with hot tools. But be smart if you cannot completely avoid these tools. For example, if you want to blow-dry, do not stick to the highest level of heat for a very long time instead keep moving it on a cooler setting and low velocity. This process might take a bit longer but will be beneficial for your hair.
Brush or comb the right way: Brushing and combing your hair gives them a clean look but brushing a lot will break weak ends. Brush or comb, once a day and that too carefully. You can use Neem Wood Comb to keep your hair good in volume.

Curl it, cut it, or color it. Experiment with your hair but do not forget to take proper care of them. Follow a healthy hair care routine and shine like a diva with your gorgeous and shiny hair.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Black color hair looks adorable! It looks incredibly good on slightly tanned and olive complexions. Usually, styling black hair is a big time challenge. This is because black hair looks best without much braiding or up-do. The best thing is to go for the right haircut. This will let you create dashing looks with those dense locks.
People with black hair should make sure that the style of the hair doesn’t play down the features of their face. Simple hairstyles work the best for black manes as it can harmoniously enhance your appearance, thereby complementing your temperament and features.
Some hair styles look classy on black haired women. The celebs are a proof for that. They teach us how to embrace our ebony black tresses. From statement black up-dos to lustrous waves, Dutch braids to bangs, celebrities are proving that shiny black hair has no real competition. Raven like hair is so gorgeous that it can make your eyes pop out at its lustre and beauty.
Check out some of the celeb hairstyles for some black hair inspiration. 

Fringes and bangs
Everyone falls flat for Krysten Ritter’s fringes! Cut short, and neatly trimmed, her bangs don’t appear heavy.

Kim Kardashian’s soft Hollywood waves are a true style inspiration for girls with deep black hair. Her lustrous manes look nothing less than amazing.

Straight and sleek
For those yearning for that perfect sleek black hair look, there could be no better example than Nicole Scherzinger’s hair. Her middle parted, sleek black hair confers a graceful look on her face.
Twists and turns
Twist a few hair locks around to form a loose side twist on both sides – a good alternative to tying your hair with elastic. Take some lessons from Vanessa Hudgens!

Top bun knot
A plain bun up-do is a great hairstyle for black hair, just like that of Selena Gomez. This helps especially when your hair might not be in a good condition, or when you are running short of time. Getting this hairstyle is so easy. Take all your hair up and fold them into a bun on the top. Leave bangs from the sides of the ear for a perfect casual look.

Short is Hot
Short hair styles work like anything on black haired women. Demi Lovato’s flippy, short hair is perfect for giving your hair an altogether new look.

By now, you must have realized that shiny black tresses have seriously no competition! Keeping your black hair beautiful and shiny is such a big responsibility. Chemical laden conditioners and shampoos are harmful for your gentle black locks. Switch to Ayurvedic Products, or herbal formula, which replenish and strengthen the hair follicles.

Did you like our list of black hairstyles? Which one is your favorite? 

Black hair adds the right amount of drama on olive and tanned skin type skin. In order to make your black hair dazzling, what all you need to do is – get a good hair-cut and hair style. This blog tells you why shiny black hair is the most beautiful hair color in the world. There may be brunette, brown, or even blonde, but black hair has a beauty and charm of its own.   

Have Natural Waves? Most Fascinating Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

Do you always find yourself short on styling ideas for your frizzy and thick wavy hair? Then you do not know that there is a whole treasure trove of hairstyles, which compliments the frizzy and waxy hair texture. Wavy hair add playfulness to your look and if you are blessed with thick hair, you can experiment a lot with your waves. Here is the list of hairstyles, which you can choose to add style to your thick wavy hair:

Side Ponytail: Think of a situation when your best friend is throwing an impromptu party and you have only 15 minutes to get ready? This hairstyle can be your savior as a simple pony tail will look too classy with your evening attire.
Twist and pin half up hairstyle: Do you know that if you have wavy hair then your hairstyle should consist of two main features - layers to minimize the excessive thickness and right length. Pin your hair upward from one side and add layers to rest of your hair. You can use Neem Wood Comb, which offers a healthier way to comb your hair.

Pouf Ponytail: The pouf, which you will make at the front will not only add a stylish detail to your hairdo but will also take down the entire frizz that you have at the top of your head.

Textured bob cut: You are completely wrong, if you think your wavy hair cannot handle shorter cuts. Maybe you haven’t come across bob cut, which can really complement your hair texture. If you want to do something really drastic to your wavy hair then go for the bob cut. Moisturize your hair with the Natural Goodness conditioner to maintain the waves of your hair.

Dutch Braided Bun: Do you want to look like a duchess on your next date? This hairstyle is all you need. Merge two French braids into the small low bun and see the bun and the braids forming the perfect symmetrical composition together.

Wavy hair is not a curse anymore and the choice of right hairstyle will help you to look charming in every party, get together or event you attend. Master these hairstyles and you will never have to think twice before attending any formal or casual event.

From Plain to Peppy: Best hairstyles for Long Hair

Finally, after so much of patience you have grown your strands really long. Now what? Are you going to keep them open and simple every time? Nah! Long hair offers numerous styling options and you can see your transformation from being simple to being glamorous by adding these simple hairdos to your day and night routine.

 The Hunny Bun: Also known as the sock bun, the hunny bun is a perfectly shaped bun, which will turn all the heads towards you. Use a sock to give the perfect shape to your bun and then spray it using a hairspray to keep it in place and tight. You can use Strong & Nourished Hair oil before washing your hair to remove the hair spray effect.

Sleek Vixen Hair: Twist your hair, make a ponytail and wrap around - these three steps are the basis of this gorgeous and elegant hair style. This hair style is time consuming but the outcome is worth the wait. This hairdo looks best with your evening dress.

Half up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle: Flowy hair look beautiful and offer a great look for ngweddi. They look gorgeous with both formal and casual dresses. This hairstyle suits wavy, straight and frizzy long hair.

 The Knot Pony: Give a modern twist to the classic ponytail style with the knot pony. The trick to get this hairstyle right is to use enough mousse so that your hair becomes easily workable. Use Neem Wood Comb to detangle tour strands before you start with the hairstyle.

 Twisted bun: This bun is very easy and fun. The twisted bun is perfect for those days when you don’t want to cover your neck and shoulders with the long length of your hair. Make sure that you pop it up really high on your head to get the perfect look.

You can do a lot to your long hair irrespective of the fact which occasion you are going to attend or what dress are you wearing. Now, you have a lot of new ideas about how to make cute hairstyles in less time, so take your bobby pins, hair spray and all the other styling products and be creative with your hair.

Chemical Alert! Avoid the Hair Dyes Containing These Toxic Chemicals

You see your favorite star walking the ramp in red hair and you immediately decide to color your hair red. The very next month, you see the same star with blue hair color and again you want to change your hair color. But are you aware of the harmful chemicals present in most of the dyes, which can damage your hair? Let us read through:

1.     PPD: Commonly known as para-phenylenediamine, PPD is used as a dye for dark color shades and is made of tar, which is a chemical derived from petroleum and features phenols, naphthalene, benzene and aniline along with many other chemicals. When combined with Hydrogene Peroxide, PPD can prove to be very toxic and can lead to cancer.

2.   Ammonia: Ammonia is used to open up the outer layer of your hair so that the dye can go inside the hair. Ammonia may produce acidic burns and may also cause irritation in lungs.

  3.   Parabens: Methylparabens and Propylparabens are the most commonly used parabens preservatives. These preservatives are extensively used in many hair care products and can cause many allergies and skin irritation.

4.      Hydrogene Peroxide: Hydrogene Peroxide is generally used to strip the natural hair color away before applying the hair dye. It has been observed that this chemical changes the natural hair structure and your hair even loses its original shine.

5.    Lead Acetate: Lead Acetate is widely used as a color additive when it comes to dying dark shades. But you are unaware of the fact that it causes anemia and produces neurological problems.

6.   Resorcinol: It is a toxic dye, which can cause scalp irritation. This allergen also affects the endocrine system.

Hair coloring is in trend and if you cannot avoid it completely then ensure that you do not buy the products with these toxic chemicals. From dyes, highlights or single and double process color, there are so many options available to color your hair the way you want. The best way to avoid these harmful chemicals is to buy 100% natural hair dyes that contain products like Reetha (Soapnut), Amla (Indian gooseberry), and Shikakai (Acacia concinna). Not only will these products keep your hair looking naturally good and shiny, but also would not affect your health adversely, even if you dye your hair regularly. Don’t worry in case you have already got your hair or scalp damaged because of these harmful chemicals. You can restore the health of your hair by using products like Strong & Nourished Hair oil and Safe Ayurvedic Hair Loss Therapy shampoo.

Find the Perfect Brush: The Best Hairbrushes to Tidy up Your Tresses

You think you are using the right hair brush? From thick curls to straight hair to thin waves, you should have a different hairbrush according to your hair texture. But you don’t consider your hair texture while choosing the hair brush, right? Selecting the right hair brush and that too keeping your hair type in mind will keep you away from bad hair days and will also minimize breakage. Here is a list of hairbrushes that might be perfect for your hair texture:

    1.    The Thermal Brush: Perfect for curly, thick and even coarse hair, the thermal ceramic barrel mimics a thermal brush and it can offer a very fancy blowout. You only need to spend a few minutes and with this brush your hair will be loaded with volume maintaining a smooth texture. This two in one hair brush will be able to do both drying and styling.

    2.   Boar bristle brush: A boar bristle brush is an essential hair brush that suits any kind of hair. The boar bristles are perfect for distributing the natural oils of your scalp down the hair shaft, which ultimately minimizes the number of weekly hair wash. The bristles of this hair brush are very flexible so they don’t break hair while you are using it. This hair brush is perfect for styling if you want frizz-free and smooth hair. You can use Safe Ayurvedic Hair Loss Therapy shampoo to wash your hair.

  3.   Paddle brush: If you have long and straight hair then paddle brush is the perfect option for detangling your hair. The wide flat shape of this brush detangles your hair quickly with less passes so you face less shedding.

  4.   Neem Wood Comb: If you are shedding a lot of hair then Neem wood comb is all you need. It offers a 100% natural and healthier way to encourage hair re-growth. This Neem Wooden Comb helps in removing settled/impacted dirt particles on scalp and opening the clogged pores, allowing the scalp to breathe.

Picking the right brush is not an easy task but if you are aware of your hair texture and type then you can choose the perfect brush, which will ultimately reduce hair breakage and will promote thick and healthy hair.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Natural Wood has a lot to Offer to Your Hair – Bring Naturopathy to Hair Care

Wood is a natural material, which has a lot to offer. You must be knowing various benefits of wood. But, have you ever heard about the advantages of wood for your hair? If not, then you must know about a wooden comb. Plastic and metal combs usually make your hair rough. On the contrary, wooden comb adds shine to your hair, making it healthier than ever. Here we are discussing some of the benefits of using a wooden comb for your hair.

No Allergies

A wooden comb is made of organic wood that makes it hypoallergenic. Some of the wooden combs even come with a natural protective coating like this IHT9 Neem Wood Comb. These protective coats are the reasons that people using wooden combs are less likely to develop allergies on their scalp. This Neem Wooden Comb is helpful in removing the settled dirt particles from scalp and opening the clogged pores. Unlike plastic combs, wooden comb is not harsh on the scalp. Plastic combs usually damage hair strands by inducing static charges. However, wooden comb is enriched with natural properties and does not cause any harm to your hair.

Longer Hair

You can get longer hair only if you have a healthy scalp. Wooden comb helps in increasing blood circulation in a natural way throughout the scalp. It assists your hair follicles in getting more vital nutrients. A wooden comb even helps in the regulation of sebum secretion and elimination of impurities from your hair, resulting in the stimulation of your hair growth. Also, the use of a wooden comb like a Neem comb helps in fighting against serious conditions like scalp eczema, head lice, and dandruff, ensuring long and beautiful hair to you.

Healthy Scalp

Do you know that if you use a wooden comb, it gives you a feel of a scalp massage? Whenever you press the wooden bristles of the comb against your scalp then the natural oil from your hair moves throughout the hair shafts. This process actually improves the blood circulation all over your scalp and gives you a healthy scalp. The antibacterial properties of a wooden comb make it ideal for improving the scalp health. If you combine wooden comb with a natural shampoo like the IHT9 shampoo, there are more chances to get nourished hair.

Using wooden comb is a natural way that can bring a number of benefits to your hair such as no dryness, less allergies, reduction in dandruff, longer hair and much more. Hence, you should use these natural wooden combs and bring naturopathic approach to hair care.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Traditional Haircare Methods that Really Work!

For getting shinier and stronger hair, we all have tried various products and equipment but the results have rarely been up to the mark. In worst cases, instead of getting stronger or shinier, our tresses go through the struggle of hair loss, damage, and dullness.

Nowadays, we tend to forget the capability that traditional hair care methods hold. Ironically, these traditional ways work wonders to your hair, without wasting your time and money, and even without causing any side effects. One should also go for those natural hair-products that are chemical free and highly effective. Have a look at some of the traditional yet effective remedies that your hair need the most.

Bring those Shiny Hair Back with Butter
For getting rid of the dullness and brittleness of your hair, massage your dry tresses with a small quantity of butter and cover your head with a shower cap. After about half an hour, rinse your hair with shampoo and notice the lustrous difference.

Olive Oil: An Effective Hair-Conditioner
To get the best results with olive oil, warm it and apply it on your hair locks. After the application, cover your hair with a plastic bag and then use a towel to wrap your head up. Wait for 45 minutes and wash your hair with shampoo. You will find your tresses well-conditioned and shining.

Eggs for Enriching Protein in Your Hair
Apply an egg with a small quantity of shampoo to your damaged locks and stay put for five minutes. Rinse your hair after five minutes. This will enhance your hair protein, making your tresses healthier and denser.

Leftover Water of Fermented Rice
A commonly carried out practice in the Asian culture is using the water of fermented rice as a shampoo. By doing this, you will make your hair softer and stronger.
By regularly following these traditional methods on your hair, you will be able to maintain the strength and beauty of your tresses forever.

However, an alternative to these home remedies can also be found. Containing natural goodness, there are herbal hair-care products that are created with an ayurvedic formula that brings natural shine and strength to your hair.   

It is important to know the role of age-old methods of caring for hair and this is what the discussion here is all about. By listing some of the many traditional practices of hair care, the purpose is to make the reader realize the better way of maintaining the hair.