Friday, February 10, 2017

Natural Wood has a lot to Offer to Your Hair – Bring Naturopathy to Hair Care

Wood is a natural material, which has a lot to offer. You must be knowing various benefits of wood. But, have you ever heard about the advantages of wood for your hair? If not, then you must know about a wooden comb. Plastic and metal combs usually make your hair rough. On the contrary, wooden comb adds shine to your hair, making it healthier than ever. Here we are discussing some of the benefits of using a wooden comb for your hair.

No Allergies

A wooden comb is made of organic wood that makes it hypoallergenic. Some of the wooden combs even come with a natural protective coating like this IHT9 Neem Wood Comb. These protective coats are the reasons that people using wooden combs are less likely to develop allergies on their scalp. This Neem Wooden Comb is helpful in removing the settled dirt particles from scalp and opening the clogged pores. Unlike plastic combs, wooden comb is not harsh on the scalp. Plastic combs usually damage hair strands by inducing static charges. However, wooden comb is enriched with natural properties and does not cause any harm to your hair.

Longer Hair

You can get longer hair only if you have a healthy scalp. Wooden comb helps in increasing blood circulation in a natural way throughout the scalp. It assists your hair follicles in getting more vital nutrients. A wooden comb even helps in the regulation of sebum secretion and elimination of impurities from your hair, resulting in the stimulation of your hair growth. Also, the use of a wooden comb like a Neem comb helps in fighting against serious conditions like scalp eczema, head lice, and dandruff, ensuring long and beautiful hair to you.

Healthy Scalp

Do you know that if you use a wooden comb, it gives you a feel of a scalp massage? Whenever you press the wooden bristles of the comb against your scalp then the natural oil from your hair moves throughout the hair shafts. This process actually improves the blood circulation all over your scalp and gives you a healthy scalp. The antibacterial properties of a wooden comb make it ideal for improving the scalp health. If you combine wooden comb with a natural shampoo like the IHT9 shampoo, there are more chances to get nourished hair.

Using wooden comb is a natural way that can bring a number of benefits to your hair such as no dryness, less allergies, reduction in dandruff, longer hair and much more. Hence, you should use these natural wooden combs and bring naturopathic approach to hair care.

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